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Thank you for visiting this site.  It is not intended as an exhaustive, interactive tool.   I have always believed that the most productive exchange of information takes place in person, face to face.

Whatever type of business we have done together in the past, I trust that you have found it satisfying!  If your experience with my services is not GREAT, why should I expect you to come back, or to refer your friends, family , and co-workers?

Generally, the best way to reach me is via phone.  My office number is (508)528-8335, and you  might  also  reach  me  by  cell:  (508)944-0536.   The  fax  number is (508)528-8251.

EMail correspondence is also welcome.  Write me at   ccpegasus@comcast.net with questions or to arrange an appointment.  I am generally quite prompt in my response.

With over 25 years in the mortgage industry,  I am confident that I will be able to help you improve your situation, whether via mortgage help, or another route.

 I have always firmly believed that MOST people are not comfortable sending their personal information off into cyber space, and look forward to meeting with you very soon!

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